Conquering Anxiety

Channel anxiety 

and get connected 

to life!

Let's help your child break free and take the world by storm!

When properly treated and managed, anxiety doesn't have to limit your child's life. This group helps teens change their relationship to anxiety, get in touch with their goals, and feel strong! Improving anxiety can lead to the following benefits:

- Improved family relationships

- Ability to make decisions without feeling paralyzed

- Decreased numbing behaviors, such as self-injury or substance use

- Feeling empowered to try new things


Anxiety can make it feel like your child's life is shrinking

I've heard concerned parents tell me over and over how frustrated and helpless they feel when watching their child limit their opportunities due to feeling anxious. If your child struggles with anxiety, I bet you can relate to some of the following worries:

"He doesn't want to deal with anxiety, so things keep piling up. What happens when he goes to college and has to make decisions for himself?"

"When we have difficult conversations, he just shuts down. He tells me I'm making it up or starts yelling. It's like I have to walk on eggshells around my own child."

"My partner and I feel like we're losing our daughter. We can't agree on how to help her, and we often end up snapping at each other in desperation."

It doesn't have to be this way forever. Let's help your teen feel confident and powerful.

Let's talk about how this can help your teen!

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Group for Managing Anxiety for Teens