Teen Empowerment Group

Learn how to overcome

the things holding you back!

Let's help your child break free and take the world by storm!

Does your teen:

  • Get overwhelmed by daily tasks?

  • Have trouble following through on plans?

  • Find anxiety getting in the way of homework or social plans?

"He doesn't want to deal with anxiety, so things keep piling up. What happens when he goes to college and has to make decisions for himself?"

"When we have difficult conversations, he just shuts down. He tells me I'm making it up or starts yelling. It's like I have to walk on eggshells around my own child."

"My partner and I feel like we're losing our daughter. We can't agree on how to help her, and we often end up snapping at each other in desperation."

Watching a teen struggle to reach their potential can be one of the most frustrating things as a parent. We want them to be the best that they can be, but we can’t do it for them.

It doesn't have to be this way forever. Let's help your teen feel confident and powerful.

Self-regulation is key


How do we advocate for ourselves effectively? How do we do something, even if it scares us? How can we keep up with our goals, such as college applications or making the soccer team?

All of these challenges involve moving forward, despite fear, anger, or anxiety. Self-regulation skills help us stay focused, no matter what we’re feeling.

This group helps teens learn, practice, and develop their self-regulation skills. As they get better at working with their emotions, teens gain more control over their lives, decisions, and futures.

Improved self-regulation can lead to the following benefits:


- Improved family relationships

- Ability to make decisions without feeling paralyzed

- Decreased numbing behaviors, such as self-injury or substance use

- Feeling empowered to try new things

- Increased ability to follow through on goals without needing as much parent or teacher support

- Having fewer arguments with friends or family.

Group Details


This group combines DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy) skills, such as mindfulness and “urge surfing,” with skills that improve executive functioning, such as time management or goal-setting.

This group is for 14-18 year olds, with older/younger participants eligible on a case-by-case basis. Group runs weekly on Thursdays, from 7-8 pm from February 28th to April 4th.

Total group cost for all six weeks is $360 total, payable as $120 every two weeks. (Longer payment plans available on request).

This small group is neurodivergent-friendly and transgender-affirming.

Let's talk about how this can help your teen!

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Teen Empowerment Group