Gender for Rebels

Hope and support for those who push past the system and want to own who they are

We all need a space where we can be ourselves,

especially when we’re finding out who we are

For a lot of us, realizing we’re transgender has been a process of coming to terms with who we thought we were supposed to be versus who we actually are.

We’ve been on the forefront of this “gender revolution” that so many people like to talk about - where different and intersecting identities are finally talked about, validated, and expressed in the open.


And boy, do many of us feel like little soldiers drafted into this “revolution.” It can be exhausting being trans/questioning, whether or not we’re out.

Many of us have had to explain to family members, coworkers, or even inquisitive strangers about our gender identity and expression. (It can be exhausting when people expect us to be mascots, historians, or Google when we’re just trying to grab a cup of coffee.)

There’s also the news media - where it can feel like there’s a major controversy or travesty each week.

How can we feel comfortable in our own skin with this happening around us? How can we process all of this junk and grow into ourselves?


Finding each other

As a therapist, I’ve got to say that I love groups. Groups offer something that you can’t get in individual therapy: a chance to see real, live, breathing people who have similar struggles and are still kicking ass.


You have tangible proof that you’re not alone. You can see with your own eyes that your struggles can be overcome and don’t have to define you. You can give support to others and get support in return.

In my groups, I’ve seen people:

  • Learn to trust others and open up about their struggles

  • Manage their overwhelming feelings in positive ways, including creating music, reaching out to friends, and decorating their rooms as a safe space

  • Figure out ways to navigate organizational structures (such as schools, religious communities, extra-curricular structures) to get what they need in order to be successful

  • Become advocates for and give hope to other people who are struggling in the community


Let’s talk details…


Gender for Rebels is an ongoing support group for transgender young adults, ages 17-25.

(There are other cohorts, based on age and maturity for middle school teens (12-14) and high school teens (14-18) that you can find more about here).

We make every effort to make sure that this group is a good fit for your needs. After registration, we will schedule a short screening call and an in-person intake. After the teen has been to one group session, they are invited to become a full-fledged group member.

The investment for this group is $50 for the intake session, $50 for the first session and $200 monthly for ongoing groups.


Want to find out if this is the group for you? Let's chat!

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Transgender, Genderqueer, and Non-binary Support Group for Young Adults