Online Counseling in Texas for Transgender Teens, Adults & Families

Online counseling & therapy for transgender, gender fluid, non binary and genderqueer teens, adults & families throughout Texas.

Have you ever gazed at a cute dress or a cool jacket and wished you were another gender so you could try it on?

Do you feel like a pro at faking social interactions - and just wish you could be real?

Do you struggle finding the line between pushing your teen to fit in and avoid bullying and nurturing pride in the ways they’re unique?

Many of my clients find their gender feelings and expressions don’t conform to what other people expect. This situation can be frustrating, demoralizing, and heartbreaking. Still, again and again we find

It doesn’t have to suck forever.

Transgender Counseling Online in the State of Texas

I’ve grown up all in and around Texas, and I can attest that some areas have a lot more stores, banks, and support than others.

Online counseling for teens & adults who identify as transgender/trans, gender non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid throughout the state of Texas. Telehealth services make therapy for transgender individuals & their family accessible from anywhere in TX!

If you live in a smaller town, there might not be any therapists for miles around who have the expertise and skill to help you explore your gender identity. You might have to choose between making a long drive through Hill Country and seeing friends, cooking dinner, or even catching up on sleep.

Online counseling cuts through that time and expense. You get to talk to a professional on your schedule, in your home, with no disruption to your daily life. Even better: no one is asking why you’re going to the office building or spending hours each week away from home.

Is Online Counseling Effective for Transgender Teens & Adults?

Heck yeah!

Online counseling covers the same issues we’d talk about in counseling for teens or counseling for adults - it’s just a different venue.

Counseling for anyone who is transgender in Texas. If you are looking for gender counseling in TX, online therapy with Vered Counseling is the answer! Trans affirming support for trans teens, adults & families.

In the past, we’ve all heard people criticize how thing online “aren’t real.” This thinking has been overtaken by online dating, online support groups, and YouTube and Instagram superstars. It’s clear we can learn from, vent to, and bond with people online.

Through online counseling, I’ve formed a therapist-client relationship with many people. We can use secure video, phone, and email programs to have the same kinds of conversations we’d have in an office. It now just takes place in your living room (or anywhere in the state of Texas!)

Getting Started - Counseling Online in North Carolina

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Transgender Resources in Texas

Online therapy and counseling and resources for transgender teens, adults, parents & family in Texas. Vered offers gender affirming counseling for trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender dysphoria & gender fluid individuals as well throughout the state of TX.

Other Vered Counseling Services in Texas

Support for Trans People & Their Loved Ones

As a gender affirming therapy center, Vered Counseling offers a variety of supportive sources for transgender individuals and their families. Kimberly provides online counseling services for transgender teenagers, transgender adults & teenage girls (regardless of gender identity) for individuals anywhere in Texas. She also offers these online counseling services to people in the state of North Carolina. For individuals simply needing support (versus the emotional process of counseling), Vered Counseling offers additional support to individuals & families anywhere in the 50 states! This support can be for transgender individuals navigating the unique aspects of embracing one’s true gender identity or supportive consultation for parents & family members. Contact Vered Counseling to begin any of our services!