Transgender Road Map Consultation


Trans Support: Not Therapy

Many people come to me not necessarily needing therapy, but wanting help in figuring out the next steps in their social and physical transition. That’s why I created the Transgender Road Map consultation. We get into specifics about transition, but without “all of the emotional stuff.”

What will we talk about?

What is transgender roadmap support? How can Kimberly help me as a trans individual?


This consultation is wide-ranging, based on whatever issues you would bring up. Some of the topics potentially covered include:

  • What kind of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) would be right for me?

  • How can I access HRT?

  • What kind of surgeries might I be interested in?

  • How do I qualify for those surgeries?

  • How would I go about paying for those surgeries?

  • What should I look for in a surgeon and what are some red flags?

  • Are there any items that could currently help me with my day-to-day dysphoria?

  • Where can I find clothes that fit and look good (or at least don’t exacerbate my dysphoria)?

  • How do I get my name and gender markers changed on official documents?

Many people find a great deal of relief from being able to sit down with a third party and walk away with a plan. While the social and medical landscape for transgender people is always shifting, I never want to make a trans person feel like they have to know more than the person they’ve asked for help.

Who is the transgender roadmap for?

Since this is an informational consultation - not therapy - this service is not limited by place! Anyone who wants to talk can book a consultation. You can purchase one session ($175) or three sessions ($525). Get started using the form below!

If you’re interested in getting a letter for HRT or sex reassignment surgery (SRS), you can arrange therapeutic evaluation. Since letters require use of therapeutic skills, those are only available to people residing in Texas or North Carolina.

Additional Support for Transgender People & Parents, Friends & Families

As a gender affirming therapy center, Vered Counseling offers a variety of supportive sources for transgender individuals and their families. Kimberly provides counseling services for transgender teenagers, transgender adults & teenage girls (regardless of gender identity). She also offers gender affirming counseling online in Texas and North Carolina. For individuals simply needing support (versus the emotional process of counseling), Vered Counseling offers additional support to individuals & families anywhere in the 50 states! This support can be for transgender individuals navigating the unique aspects of embracing one’s true gender identity or supportive consultation for parents & family members. Contact Vered Counseling to begin any of our services!