Therapy and Speaking Services


Therapy for Teen Girls

Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW works with the whole family for girls with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, or just the stress of being a teen girl.


Therapy for Non-binary/Transgender Teens

Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW provides therapy for transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer teens and support and education to their families.


Teen and/or Parent Groups

Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW, leads a variety of workshops for teens and their parents to help navigate the stress of daily life.


Training for Professionals

Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW provides workshops and training to professionals interested in improving their therapeutic skills. Learn more about current CEU offerings.



Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW is an experienced speaker on a variety of topics that affect the mental health of teenagers. Learn more about booking her to speak at your event or organization.