Counseling for Teenage Girls

What is therapy like for teen depression for girls? Counseling in Austin giving hope and support to teens and their families.
I need a therapist for teenage depression near me to treat emotional dysregulation.

Therapy helps you figure out what you need & get you where you want to be.

I help teens who feel like something is wrong. Sometimes this is as simple as saying “I have depression.” Other times, it’s complex bundle of anxiety/sadness/trauma/body image/stress/pressure. These feelings can be overwhelming. It can seem like the only way out is to just become a different person.

You’re not the only one who has gone through this. It’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be forever.

I’ve learned something in all my time counseling teens & families:
the way out is to be more - not less - of you.

What do teenagers talk about in therapy?

Therapy involves investigating, reflecting, and doing. How are you feeling? What affects your mood? What expectations are you holding? What do you connect with? What makes you come alive? 

In therapy, we work together to parse and understand your feelings. We turn this miasma into something manageable - even usable.

How can I find a teenage psychologist near me?

Therapy supports both teens AND their families

Counseling and therapy for teenage depression, coping skills, mindfulness, anxiety, social skills problems in Austin, Texas.

I find that teenagers benefit when their parents are also supported.

I like to provide families education about mental health and emotional development. I find that parents want to know what’s going on with their child’s mental health. Parents want to support their teenagers and know that they are overcoming depression, anxiety or whatever brought them to counseling. Part of therapy involves working together to figure out how to get the support you need from the people around you.

Adolescence is often as hard and confusing for the family as it is for the teen.

Parents often tell me they’re not sure what’s going on with their daughter. I’ve been told things like she’s “lost her spark and I don’t know why.” They often aren’t sure what’s going on and don’t know how to help. As a teen therapist, I help teenagers and their families reconnect. No matter how disconnected you feel, there is hope for your relationship with your teenager.

How much will be shared with my parents after the session?

According to the state of North Carolina, teens are the boss when it comes to therapy.

Teenagers can consent to mental health treatment without needing their parent’s approval. Their mental health information is also confidential, except in severe situations (where “notification is essential to the life or health of the minor” N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90‐21.4).

I encourage all teens to collaborate with their families to the extent that they feel comfortable. It’s understandable that parents want information about what is going on in therapy, so I work with teenagers and parents to keep the lines of communication open.

Vered Counseling treats PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety disorders.

Teens in Texas need safe spaces, too.

I ask all parents to respect their child’s privacy when it comes to therapy. Texas does not allow teenagers to consent for their own mental health treatment - the approval of a parent or guardian is needed.

Still, I ask parents to treat therapy as a refuge for their teen. We all need spaces where we feel comfortable sharing our insecurities and fears. Parents can ask their teenager directly for information, and trust that their therapist will alert them when there are real threats to their teen’s health and safety.

Counseling Rates

Therapy isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some benefit in a few sessions, while others create huge changes over several sessions.

What should I expect in therapy and counseling for teenage girls for depression and anxiety? Austin, Texas based support for teens.

Standard Fees:

50-minute counseling sessions are $175.

The initial 80-minute therapy session is $280. This involves a comprehensive mental health assessment, including history and current functioning. Often, multiple family members will provide their perspectives and concerns. This is a time when I encourage parents to be involved in their teenager’s therapy process.

Using Insurance for Counseling:

I do not take insurance, but I can provide a superbill that you can send to your insurance.

Sliding Scale Counseling Appointments:

How can I help my depressed teen? We offer hope for teens with depression.

I am committed to everyone having access to mental health treatment. Therefore, I have a few lower-cost Open Path slots available. Please check this link to see if there are any current openings.

Online and In-Person Therapy for Teens in North Carolina & Texas

Kimberly Vered Shashoua is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She is able to provide therapy and mental health services in the states of North Carolina (#C011412) and Texas (#59797).

In-person counseling is available at our office in North-Central Austin, TX.

Online therapy in North Carolina is available across North Carolina.

Texas online counseling services are available anywhere in the Lone Star State.

My teenagers depressed, how can I help my child?

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What do you do in therapy and counseling for teenagers? Teen girls with anxiety and depression can talk and find strategies to be who they want to be.