Where to find transgender swimwear

Transgender, non binary, and genderqueer swimwear options

Transgender swimwear and swimsuits for ftm, mtf, and non binary folks. Androgynous and gender neutral swimsuits can help with gender dysphoria-related stress.

For many people, shopping for swimwear can be stressful. For transgender people, it can feel almost impossible to find something that is functional, looks great, and doesn’t trigger dysphoria.

Many companies have sprung up to address this need. Whether your style is femme, masc, or somewhere in between, you have are options!

Swimwear options for transgender people

Rebirth Garments creates swimwear (and undergarments) for transgender people. They offer a bunch of cute and colorful designs. People of all genders can find interesting styles here. If you like a style but worry about fit, they offer custom garments.

Find gender neutral swimwear, tomboy swimwear, unisex one piece swimsuit and transgender ftm swimwear.

Outplay offers many different kinds of swimwear! They have midriff tops, full-coverage tops, rash guards, shorts, and bikini bottoms. Their tops come in high and low levels of chest compression. All clothes are designed to be gender-neutral, yet stylish.

TomboyX is known for making trans-friendly underwear, but they also make well-reviewed swimwear.. They offer a wide range of sizes, from small to 4x. Their swimwear includes shorts, tops, tanks, and long-sleeved hoodies. They even have one-piece unisuits!

Nude swim binders for ftm folks

Can you swim in a chest binder? Yes! Find swim binder swimwear, binder swim tanks, and more.

Transgender men (or those interested in achieving a more androgynous shape) can find binders especially made for swimming. Many trans guys are interested in looking like they’re swimming without a shirt. Wearing short or long binders in skin tones can give you this look.

FLAVNT and gc2b both make swim-friendly binders in a variety of “nude” colors.

However you like to present, you can find a style that suits you. Have some fun in the sun!

Support for transgender teens and young adults

Vered Counseling is a trans affirming therapy practice serving Texas and North Carolina.

Want more help navigating life and finding transgender-friendly options? Read more about our therapy for transgender teens or counseling for transgender adults.

If you want more problem-solving and less “emotion,” see if a transgender road map session would be right for you. We also offer support for parents of trans teenagers.

To get started with any of our counseling and coaching services, please contact Vered Counseling today!


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Find genderqueer and gender neutral swimwear, swimsuits for transgender ftm, and gender non conforming swimsuits.