Best Video Games about Gender Dysphoria

Video games about being transgender?

Yup, that’s a thing.

Queer games can let you think about being transgender and deal with gender dysphoria triggers.

For those of you who don’t know, I actually have a background in applying video games to mental health.

Much like any other media (such as books, movies, or music), video games invite players to experience and reflect in different ways.

What you get out of the game also depends on how you approach it.

Whether you’re looking for LGBT representation in video games, trans-positive games, or cathartic and emotional experiences, these titles have something to offer.

To whom would you recommend these games?

For many people, these games can offer a way of seeing your reflection through another lens. I think these games would benefit people who are:

Therapy for gender dysphoria using video games and LGBT representation. Vered Counseling operates in Texas and North Carolina.
  • Wrestling with gender identity issues/feels

  • Thinking about your queerness, whether in sexuality, expression, or gender

  • Fed up with gender dysphoria triggers

  • Wanting to burn down society for making it so hard to exist as you are

  • Feeling weird and wanting to know you’re not alone

(Note: the second recommended game is intense. More information at the bottom)

Mental health and video games collide. Find queer and transgender affirming counseling in Texas and North Carolina through Vered Counseling.

Where to find games about being queer:

Queer video games help you if you want to be a girl or boy, but you were born as a boy or girl.

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Queer and LGBT representation in video games can work with depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria to create mental health benefits.