Interview in Allure - Selfies for Self-confidence

Recently, I was interviewed in Allure. We talked about how selfies can help trans and nonbinary people reclaim their self-image and the pitfalls of living online.

I love this article! The author did a great job interviewing a wide range of trans and nonbinary people. The whole thing is worth a read, but here are some of my favorite excerpts:

Seeing other people have the courage to love themselves loudly and publicly online gave me the courage to start all of this.

- Robin Ford

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Sharing a selfie feels like an act of personal assertion:

I am trans, this is my presentation, you will see me the way I wish to be seen.

- Foster Rudy

There is a huge amount of identity policing within and around the LGBT community. Queer communities find pressure to conform to standards set by their own groups — ‘to be queer, trans, lesbian, etcetera enough’ ... This is all bullshit, of course.

No one should feel like their identity is in a display case for others to rate and judge

- Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW

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[Taking a selfie is] a simple, accessible way to create solidarity and resist the forces in our everyday lives that try to erase our identities.

Proudly posting a selfie sends a message that we have a right to exist and be seen, and that we get to take control of our own narratives.

- Riley R. L.

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