Stylish clothes for transgender women

The importance of finding clothes to express your gender identity

For many trans women, finding clothes that fit and look good can feel life-changing.

Transgender women and non binary femmes can find support and guidance across Texas and North Carolina.

If you’re like many trans women, you might have a closet full of hoodies and baggy jeans. You might not want to think about your body at all. Even trying to figure out your size might trigger dysphoric feelings.

Part of my work as a counselor for transgender adults and teens involves finding ways to get my clients feeling great about themselves.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of places where the trans women (and femmes of all genders) have found success!


Where to find transfeminine clothing

When trying to find femme clothing, transgender people have a lot of options.

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Cute, goth, trendy, or witchy, you can find clothes for your style

I’ve heard good things about Hot Topic and Aerie. You can walk into one of these stores in malls all over America.

Torrid and ASOS have a range of sizes. This is great, especially if you’re tall.

You can go into one of these stores or order online. Many offer free shipping and returns. This lowers the stakes - you don’t have to keep everything you buy. If you don’t like something, you can send it back!


Trans femme fashion styling

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Many trans women have only ever shopped as the wrong gender. Finding clothes that express your gender identity can sometimes feel overwhelming.

If you want some help figuring out your personal style, you can use Stitch Fix. Their stylists can help transgender women find outfits in a range of sizes (XS-3X).


MTF clothing stores for online shopping

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Some online-only retailers offer great options for trans folks!

ModCloth has casual and dressy options for trans women. They have a few locations where you can try the clothes on before ordering, such as ModCloth Austin.

Eshakti offers custom-made dresses. You can take your measurements at home and get a dress tailored just for you.

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