The 7 Best Transgender Self-Care Activities in Austin

The Importance of Transgender Self Care

Self-care is important for everyone. When you're trans, it takes on special importance. So many things run us down. Dealing with transgender-related microaggressions or upsetting news stories takes its toll. It’s important to find times and places to recharge.

(As in my other blog posts, “Transgender” encompasses the umbrella of non-cisgender identities, such as non binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and agender).

Here are some of my favorite relaxing and stress-relieving activities in Austin, TX.

Transgender resources for changing up your look

Non binary self care and transgender coping mechanisms in Austin can include getting cute nail art and visiting hair salons.

It’s a cliche that hair and nail salons are often on self-care lists. Still, there’s an important reason they’re on this list.

When you’re transgender, celebrating your appearance affirms your autonomy and identity.

The aptly named Cute Nail Salon offers waxing, nail art, and eyelash enhancements. They are an explicitly transgender-friendly nail salon. They even have a small transgender-friendly tattoo studio where you can get tiny tattoos!

There are many transgender-friendly salons in Austin. These include Garbo Salon, Haute Salon, and Maximum FX. You can find a map of transgender-friendly salons in Texas and beyond at Strands for Trans.

De-stress by Visiting Austin’s Transgender-Friendly Massage Therapists

What are examples of self care for transgender and non-binary people?

Another cliche here, but again, for a reason! We tend to hold stress in our bodies. A massage can release that muscle tension (and feel so good).

Austin has a few transgender-friendly massage therapists in Austin. Spectrum Yoga Therapy is run by Kelly Marshall, a non-binary Licensed Massage Therapist. Tony Senecal also provides massages in a safe environment for trans folks looking for some self-care.

Austin’s kolaches and breakfast tacos

Here are self care ideas for gender dysphoria ftm and gender identity issues.

I didn’t realize how special Texas’s breakfast cuisine was until I moved out of state. I haven’t found anything as effective at getting me out of bed.

If you have a day off or happen to get up early, kolaches or breakfast tacos can be a tasty way to start the day!

Some great spots for breakfast tacos include Fresa’s and Joe’s Bakery.

Here are some awesome kolache and doughnut spots in Austin. Just North of Austin is Round Rock Donuts. Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery has a drive through and is open from the evening until noon. Another fave, Lone Star Kolaches, has multiple locations all over Austin!

Best nature spots for self-care

Austin has some great locations for chilling out and soaking in natural beauty.

Zilker Botanical Garden is breathtaking. It has a rose garden, an herb garden, and a Japanese garden.

Self care tips, techniques and things to do for transgender, non-binary, genderqueer and genderfulid people.

The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum has incredible sculptures spread throughout a beautiful setting. It’s a great, quiet place to talk a walk.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is filled with gorgeous wildflowers. This center holds multiple classes and events throughout the year.

If you want maximum chill, why not bring a hammock to a park? Austin’s many parks provide plenty of gorgeous spaces to chill out. Mayfield Park even has peacocks!

Relax in the San Marcos River

Transgender stress response, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria care through relaxation.

As a Texan, I know what it’s like to want to be outside, but it’s too dang hot out. A great solution? Tubing!

Texas State Tubes will pick you up in downtown Austin. You can float the San Marcos River without having to make the drive yourself.

Where to find transgender swimwear

Check out thee many places where you can find swimwear for transgender people.

Self-care through adventure!

Self-care: how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning.

If you recharge through action, Austin has some great spots for you, too!

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures offers zip lines and a floating water park!

Want to get active on Lady Bird Lake? You can rent paddle boards, kayaks and canoes from Rowing Dock.

Austin has so many great places to hike. One of the best is the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.

Want to pick some strawberries? Head to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls.

Energize in Austin’s unique spots

Ideas for dealing with gender dysphoria for gender queer, trans, gender nonconforming, and LGBTQ people.

Austin has a few off-beat places to engage in self-care.

You can gaze at the stars through the University of Texas’s telescopes. Public viewing is available throughout most of the year.

Another gem at the University of Texas is The Color Inside. This provides installation stunning light sequences at sunrise and sunset. It is a beautiful place to visit any time of the day.

Find transgender self-care ideas that work for you

Different people find different activities revitalizing and engaging. There’s a common thread in all of these activities:

The most important part of self-care is rest!

Whatever you find entertaining, rewarding, or relaxing, make sure it doesn’t feel like work. Some activities are fun for one person but stressful for another. If you find something that authentically revitalizes you, go for it!

Support and counseling for transgender teens and adults in Texas

Want more support for navigating life and finding transgender-friendly options? Vered Counseling offers a gender therapy clinic specializing in teens and young adults.

Read more about our therapy for transgender teens or counseling for transgender adults. If you want more problem-solving and less therapy, see if a transgender road map session would be right for you.

Check out the Vered Counseling blog for more helpful tips, like what is gender therapy like, how to get a HRT letter in Texas, and what are puberty blockers.

We also provide support for parents of transgender teenagers and adults.

Ready to get started? Contact Vered Counseling today!


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